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a company and their passion

Here at ONYX Protective Films we focus on one thing, paint protection. We specialize in the application of automotive film known as paint protection film (PPF), also recognized as clear bra. Our team is 100% dedicated to sharing our passion and providing the highest level of automotive expertise with our existing and new customers. 

Protecting original factory paint is our top priority. From entry level daily drivers to modern day hyper cars, we make sure your car deserves the best protection film and quality finish in the industry. We carry the strongest film with the best quality finish allowing superior impact protection against stone chips, abrasions, and environmental contaminants. Our film utilizes a self healing clear coat ensuring your vehicle's paint will always look at its finest. 

Our facility houses some of the most skilled automotive film installers who have many years of experience handling and innovating paint protection film. Our workshop is built and designed to deliver superlative results. From a temperature controlled environment to dust free air filtrations and de-ionzed water, this environment combined with our expertise allows us to achieve results that will satisfy the eyes of the ultimate car enthusiast. 

We hold the highest quality standards throughout our entire service process. Every car passes through our control stages, starting from the first contact, ensuring the correct assessment, best advice and unparalleled quality control every time. 

We stand by our work. ONYX Protective Films provide the most comprehensive warranty and aftercare program in the industry. Our warranty program covers up to 10 years of guaranteed protection against yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering and delaminating. This means if there is ever an issue or question, we will assist you efficiently and thoroughly with no delay. 

Welcome to ONYX Protective Films.

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